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Fall Series: Fall Bucketlist


Welcome to our new Fall Series! I am so excited about this season that I thought I needed to share the fun with all of you. A new fall post will pop up every Friday. These posts will include fall decorations, fall activities to try, fall foods, and so much more! Join us every Friday to see what’s new in the fall department!

Are you ready to really experience fall this year? Here is a list of activities to help you get excited about fall this year and really experience it!

I woke up this morning and there was a crispness about the air that strummed an excitement that ran through my body. The coolness reminds me of my childhood. All of the pumpkin patches, pumpkin carvings, and pumpkin pies. Now I look forward to the same sort of things with my kiddo. This year I am ready to celebrate. I have so many things I want to do! I don’t want to miss out on a single thing!

To solve this problem for myself and whomever else may be feeling like they want to celebrate fall off the charts this year, I have created a little bucket list for us all. There are a few caveats here though.

  1. This is not a To-Do list! As mothers, we do not need another darn To-Do list to feel like a failure about when we don’t check everything off of it. This is a “get-as-many-done-as-would-make-you-happy” list.
  2. There are a variety of activities on this list. Some items you should try by yourself and some are best completed with others. This is purposeful. There is a time when we need to experience the beauty of life on our own. There are moments that God gives us that are meant for our eyes alone. There is also a time for community and sharing moments with others. Pick and choose which to try, but try to vary your activities so you can enjoy fall alone and with others.

So please enjoy fall with me this year. Enjoy the decorations, the sites, the smells, the tastes, the smiles, and the warm and fuzzy feelings inside. Enjoy moments by yourself and experience fall with others. Try out things you haven’t tried before. Cut out the calories of those things you eat that you may feel guilty about later. Fall is not a time for guilt! It is a time for pleasure! Costumes, candy, pumpkin-flavored everything! Revel in this time of year with me! Oh and please, add in the comments ideas that aren’t on this list that you would like to try or that are a tradition in your family! I would love to try your ideas out as well!

Fall Bucketlist

  1. Make yourself a warm pumpkin-flavored/cinnamon-flavored drink
  2. Drink your homemade drink or store-bought drink with the windows open, cuddled in a warm blanket, or sit outside in a swing with your blanket.
  3. Make a fall-movie watch list. These can be scary or romantic or both! Here is a list for romantic movies and here is one for scary movies. Add any that you think will get you in the mood for fall!
  4. Read creepy books to get you in the Halloween mood.  Click here for some ideas!
  5. Go on a hike!  Look at the insanely beautiful colors!
  6. Pick out some apples at a local apple orchard.  And hey, while you are there, try some of their apple cider!
  7. Go to a pumpkin patch and have the family pick out their own pumpkin to decorate or carve.  You can choose to cut out designs or paint them on.  Either is fun to do with the family!
  8. Try a hay ride.  There is nothing better than your little one sitting in your lap as you feel the fall breeze flow through your hair.
  9.  Make a pumpkin dessert.  Try your hand out at some pumpkin cookies, cheesecake, or pie.  They will all get you in the mood!
  10. While you are in the kitchen cooking, make some delicious beef stew.  Stew is absolutely perfect for the cold weather!
  11. Buy produce in season at a farmer’s market and try some new recipes out!
  12. Go to a fall festival and take in the wonderful smells and music.
  13. Go to an art festival.  Summer is a great time for art, but pioneer art tends to be sold in the fall.  Look for quilts, wooden bowls/art, straw dolls, and even instruments made out of fall materials.  I have found the most unique kinds of art at these shows and festivals.
  14. Visit outdoor markets where they sell fudge, caramel popcorn, jams and jellies, and any other homemade goodies.  Fall is the time for homemade specialties.  Nashville, IN tends to be a very popular place around this time of year.  There are stores throughout the town that you can walk to that sell so many homemade items.  It’s really a great time of year to support your local small business owners!  Plus, you might find a new favorite product!
  15.  Learn to knit or crochet!  There is no better time to learn than this season!  Make some stylish scarves, mittens, socks, boots, or sweaters.  Oh and I can’t forget to mention blankets!  Make a warm and cozy blanket for the winter to snuggle up in!
  16. Tailgate at a football game.  I haven’t done this yet, but food, football, and fun with friends?  What more can you ask for?
  17. Roast hot dogs and make s’mores over a bonfire.  Tell some stories or sing some songs.
  18. Take some family pictures with the beautiful trees in the background.
  19. Visit some antique shops.
  20. Make some fall decor for your house.  There are tons of ideas out there, but we will have a decoration roundup coming soon!
  21. Dress up for Halloween
  22. Trick or Treat with your kiddo dressed in your costumes!
  23. Buy pumpkin and apple-cinnamon scented candles, and enjoy fall smells all season long!
  24. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or give out fall gifts to your friends!  There is nothing better than sharing the fall love!
  25. Watch scary movies in front of a fire with your hubby….and kids if they are old enough
  26. Take a blanket outside and cuddle under the stars with your hubby
  27. Take a group, separate into teams, and see who can get through a corn maze the fastest
  28. Go to an NFL or college football game.  College games tend to bring you back to your high school and college days!
  29. Make some hot coco and drink it while you read an amazing book.
  30. rake some leaves and jump in them with your kids
  31. Go to a haunted house with your most creeped-out friends!
  32. Play some poker and make a yummy fall snack to try like this one!
  33. Just drive through the country with your family and enjoy the colors
  34. Take a walk with your family
  35. Buy some crocheted boots (if you won’t wanna make them) and wear them everywhere!
  36. Go wine-tasting or celebrate Oktoberfest with your favorite beers
  37. Make a gratitude journal or a thank you poster where the family can put all the things they are thankful for
  38. Make fall crafts with your kiddos
  39. Decorate your house with tons of fall decorations so you can celebrate the second you walk out of your room
  40. Watch It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  41. Rent a cabin in the woods

Try these ideas out and let me know how they go!  I’d love to hear your fall experiences below!  And don’t forget to thank God a time or two for all of the amazing experiences he has given us this season.  Let’s make this time of year an incredible one!

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