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Cheesy Fiesta Bake

Are you looking for an incredibly easy, savory meal for Mexican night?  Look no further!  This Cheesy Fiesta Bake is easy to make and absolutely delicious!  You’re family won’t be able to get enough!

The past few weeks our family has been trying to save money.  Of course, the place that we choose to cut from first is our grocery bill.  With this plan in mind, I went to my recipe book only to find that many of my delicious recipes also required a lot of ingredients.  So now my search was on.  I needed to find a recipe book that had few ingredients and included super yummy meals that my picky eaters will eat.  Then, I found it.  The book 5 Ingredients Or Less (Everyday Cookbook Collection) by Gooseberry Patch was the answer to my prayers!

I found this recipe along with a ton of other yummy recipes that reminded me of my childhood.  You remember those days where your parents were trying to cut back, but you were able to still eat delicious, home-cooked meals anyways?  Well, this recipe is the epitome of savory mixed with spice.  It is warm and creamy with a crunchy crust covering the top and bottom.  This Cheesy Fiesta Bake is perfect for cold winter nights!  Serve with a side salad or some veggies and you have a meal to be proud of while saving some dough!

It’s super easy to make, too!  Roll a can of crescent rolls onto the bottom of a 13″ x 9″ pan.  Cover with browned ground beef covered in taco seasoning.  Top with a layer of creamy cheese sauce.  Finally, complete the dish with the second roll of crescent rolls.  Pop it in the oven for about 20 minutes, and you have a dish your family will ask for time and time again!  Try it out tonight, and see if this recipe will be a new family favorite!



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